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Hi! I'm Riley, and I make music. Music is something I'd like to do full time, but it's hard to do with my current situation.

I currently scrape by on odd jobs. This is far from enough to live with any amount of security or confidence, much less enough to devote time and energy to music. I want to make music without worrying too much about the future, and be more effective at it. For example, I want to subscribe to EastWest Composer Cloud and Bandcamp Pro, plus get a Surface Book and some repairs on my car so I can work outside the house without being tied to an outlet, or depending on friends who are already stretched thin themselves.

In return for your support, you'll get music as I publish it, plus my back catalogue. Thanks for all the friends who've helped me get this far, and to everyone who helps in the future.

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    I'll list your name and link to an animal or nature charity of my choice on for as long as you're a subscriber. Humorous or offensive names are not acceptable, and I am the final judge of this.
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Riley Reverb
Winder, Georgia
A talking snow fox who makes strange sounds.

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